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Affordable parasailing Dewey Beach, Delaware
  • Who can parasail?
    The minimum age to parasail is 6 years old. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver prior to boarding the vessel. Minimum weight to parasail is roughly 125 pounds. If the flyer is less than 125 pounds, they will simply fly tandem with someone not to exceed roughly 425 pounds combined weight. Weight requirements may change on any given day due to wind conditions. Unfortunately, our insurance company excludes women who are pregnant from parasailing. But please come back and fly with us at a later date. Safety is our number one priority!
  • How do we get in and out of the air?
    Our 31' Ocean Pro is specifically designed for parasailing and allows a smooth and easy takeoff and landing. The captain controls everything with a hydraulic wench and the mate/crew on the boat will get you in the safety harness and life jacket before its your turn. Each parasail flight (tandem or triple) will slowly lift off the back of the boat from a seated position with ease, as you enjoy the ride in the comfortable swing-like harness. When you are coming back to the boat, you will softly land on the back of the boat, returning to a seated position. A dip in the water is optional (and recommended!), but you will always take off and land from the boat.
  • Are there any weight restrictions?
    The weight limit is different based on the weather conditions and the size chute we are flying, so it is always up to the captain’s discretion. An estimate to go by is a combined weight of about 450lbs. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less. Minimum weight to fly alone is roughly 125 lbs; Not exceeding roughly 425 lbs in tandem or triple. (The captain may change these safety restrictions due to weather conditions.)
  • Does the weather affect parasailing?
    If there is any inclement weather, we will not operate. The captain always does weather, wind and safety equipment checks before each trip to ensure a safe ride for our guests. Safety is our #1 priority.
  • Do we have to be able to swim?
    No. All takeoffs and landings are done from the back of the boat. All participants are required to wear lifejackets while parasailing, so in the unlikely event of a mechanical malfunction and a water landing, you are already in your lifejacket and will float.
  • Do I ever touch the water?
    The entire experience can be completely dry. If requested, we will provide a “dip” in which we simply lower the parachute toward the water, which allows you to have your feet or bottom touch the water. You will then be lifted back up and continue the ride as usual. This optional dip is definitely recommended! Especially on those hot summer days!
  • What do I wear?
    We recommend you wear whatever you normally wear to the beach and of course, dress for the weather/temperature. The captain will have you remove your shoes before getting on the boat.
  • Can we wear our glasses/sunglasses/hats?
    Yes, as long as your glasses/sunglasses fit your face well and are not loose. Hats are fine as well, just make sure its tight. On days with more wind, hats tend to easily fly away.
  • Can we bring a bag?
    Yes, there are cubbies underneath your seat for your belongings.
  • Can we extend our flight time to longer than 8-10 minutes?
    There are many reasons we have set the timing to 8-10 minutes. If you would like more time parasailing, you can purchase 2x tickets and enjoy the thrill a second time!
  • Can I bring my phone or GoPro or camera up in the air?
    Anything you bring up in the air with you is at your discretion! Please note, if you drop anything in the water, there will be no way to retrieve it.
  • Do I need to sign a waiver?
    Absolutely!! These days you need a waiver for everything... Our insurance company provides us with a standard liability waiver for each participant to sign. This waiver acknowledges you understand that you are signing up to parasail, etc. All participants 18+ must read and sign a waiver. Any participants under 18 (minor) need their parent/guardian to come to check in, read and sign a waiver for them. If a minor's parent/guardian is not with them in person, with a request in advanced, our manager may be able to send the waiver electronically. Please give us a call or message us with any further questions about the waiver.
  • How do I make a reservation and do I need to?
    We definitely recommend making a reservation for your group. That way you know what time to arrive and you don’t have to wait for an available trip time. You can book online or over the phone.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to make any changes to your reservation, you can do so up until 24 hours prior to your reservation. Changes or cancellations within 24 hours from your scheduled trip time may result in additional fees.
  • What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my reservation?
    In case of inclement weather, we would not operate. Safety is always our #1 priority. We leave all weather calls up to the captain. The captain does weather, wind + safety checks before each trip. He is specifically trained to read and monitor the weather and has live satellite weather radar on the boat. If your trip is canceled due to weather, we would offer a rebooking for another time or a refund if you cannot go another time.
  • What happens if I miss my reservation or cancel within 24 hrs?
    If you do not show up for your reservation on time and you miss your trip, there is unfortunately no refund available and you will be charged in full for the seats you have reserved. Under certain circumstances, a rebooking fee may be applicable based on our availability for the day. This is at our staff's discretion based on our availability. You have up to 24 hours prior to your reservation to make any changes or cancellations to your reservation. Once you are within 24 hours of your reservation, there is no cancellation or refund available.
  • Can people go on the boat and watch?
    Yes. The cost for non-flying observers is $45. However, we do not accept reservations for observers. Parasailers always have first priority. At the time of departure, if there is room available, we allow a limited number of observers due to the United States Coast Guard regulations. If you have any questions about an observer ticket or an except, please give us a call or message us!
  • How does payment work?
    When you make an advanced reservation, we take a 50% deposit of your total reservation in order to hold your seats. Upon checking in to get your tickets, we will complete final payment. Walk up reservations are always paid in full. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and of course - cash!
  • Is there a price difference if 2 or 3 people fly together?
    The price for parasailing is per person.
  • Do I need to bring my I.D.?
    Our staff will check the I.D. of the person using their credit card for payment. The I.D. and the credit card for payment must match.
  • Where do I check in?
    Our check in location is 113 Dickinson Ave., Dewey Beach, DE. Right outside of the Rusty Rudder.
  • Do you offer photo and video packages?
    Yes! We offer (2) types of packages to capture your parasail adventure. We deliver your parasailing photos and videos to you via a link with PicThrive where you can download the photos directly to your computer or phone. Tag us if you post on social media! The Photo Package – we take about 30-40 photos of your flight. We have a Nikon 5600 with a zoom lens, to get close up and far away photos, your take-off and landing and all the crazy faces in between. The cost is $40 for your group. The Go Pro Package – we provide the Go Pros and set them up for you. They are on a long selfie stick and set up for video. You hold and control it. The cost is $40 for your group. Combo – if you want to do both photo packages, we offer a combo price, the cost is $65. That is a $15 savings!
  • Do you have merch for sale?
    Yes! At our check in booth we have t-shirts, long sleeves, dry fit shirts, hats, etc! All inventory is based on availability.
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